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Executive liability for M&A transactions in Turkey

July 2019 – An overview of the standard of liability of board members and executives in connection with M&A transactions in Turkey.
Standard of liability
General standard
What is the standard for determining whether a board...

A structured guide to M&A litigation in Turkey

June 2019 – A structured guide to M&A litigation in Turkey.
Types of shareholders' claims
Main claims
Identify the main claims shareholders in your jurisdiction may assert against corporations, officers and directors in connection...

New financial assistance prohibition under the new Turkish commercial code – from no plating to gold plating

April 2019 – The new Turkish Commercial Code, which comes largely into effect on 1 July 2012, introduces for the first time into Turkish company law a financial assistance prohibition in the context of share acquisitions. This will prohibit a company...

Data controller or processor under the new data protection law

April 2018 – We have prepared this article on the Law on Personal Data Protection (the "Law") to describe certain general requirements that all corporate entities must comply with as per the Law.
I. Law on Personal Data Protection
A corporate...